Why there is xenophobia

This is far from over. ‘We have travelled the world and have not  found one country that allows the floods of  humans across its borders as South Africa is  experiencing. Even in wartorn part like Syria,  Ukraine, Yemen and Somali. We were 7 million people in Johannesburg  City in 2011; today we have an estimated […]

As Vital as Your Heartbeat As believers, right thinking is something that is so important we simply can’t live without it. Just like our heartbeat, it’s vital because many of the problems we deal with in our lives are rooted in wrong thinking patterns, which are not based on the truth. Right thinking is a […]

A Balanced Life

Have you ever considered how something that is good for you can also be bad for you? How could this be? Proverbs 25:16 says, Have you found honey? Eat only as much as you need, lest you be filled with it and vomit. Health and harm can come from the same source when it is […]

Agriculture Project

Malawi as one of sub-saharan countries in Africa which faces a lot of problems to earn their living efficiently. This is because people or political Leaders do not realize their potential to achieve what they are destined. From my research there are a lot of NGOs in Malawi and they are playing major role in […]

When progress is Slow

It’s important to renew our minds, but it’s also important to realize that this process of reprogramming or renewing our minds will take place little by little. Don’t be discouraged if progress seems slow. Don’t get down when you have setbacks or bad days. Just get back up, dust yourself off and start again. When […]

Answers and Power

Find the Answers and Power You Need in the Word When people ask me where to start reading the Bible, I tell them there’s really no wrong place to start. You can study anything that’s going to help you. When I first started studying the Word, I didn’t have very good relationships because I didn’t […]