Hectic times in life


My name is Simon Mtonga from Morton Village under traditional authority Chindi in Mzimba in Malawi.I was born on 13th November,1978 from the family of Geofrey G. and Happiness M. Mtonga.We are six siblings three boys and three girls,I am the first born son.After I was born my parents took me to Last Church where I used to attend every Sunday until I reached the age of sixteen in in 1994 when I felt to change the denomination to Catholic which I joined because of its calibre:each and every morning we had to assemble in Church at school for averse before we start learning as I was attending Kawiruwiru Catholic Primary school.Due to that I was totally converted to Catholic and the vocation began to evoke in me to become Clergy
I was baptised on 20 August,1995 at St. Johns Parish(Mzambazi) from there I was endowed with the Holy spirit to conquer the cunning devil.I started serving the church as Chairperson of Choir at Kawiruwiru f.p school from 1995 -1996.Within the year I wrote entry exams for St. Patrick Seminary at the Parish(Mzambazi),I excell in, position 3 out of 50 candidates surrounding the parish.We were only 10 taken to write the second exams and out of 10 their aggregate number to be recruited were 3

In anutshell I would say as I was pursueing the vocation to priesthood,it was hindered by elder brother of my father through issuance of false statements to Parish Directors to substute me for someone to fill the form in my name justifying that I may not become priest as my father is a Rev. for the Last Church.
I grieved,but still more the Holy spirit strengthens me,I continued with education at Bulala CDSS and my performance was excellent and I started communicating with Missionary of Africa Fr.Michael Mawelera ’97-’99  as he was Vocation Director by then in Malawi at Kanengo Area 25.We were in good terms and once he visited me when I was in Form 111 at Euthini CDSS.

After I had written MSCE, and I was waitng for results at home I was asked by elder brother of my father the motto if I pass exams,we were two me and his biological Son (Wanangwa) I persisted that I want to join Missionary of Africa.They were unhappy and they suggested that if so why not joining diocesean Priest? Without fear I said to them when I see my parents,they are poverty stricken and they expect a help from me while my journey is too long and needs anchorages spiritually and physically.God want me to serve Him spiritually and parents do want physically but pressures are high from those who are in presence,whom I interact with than God because it is between Him and me.Lastly I soliloquy non will block what God has planned His will be fulfilled.

Through all these dimensions in life I came up with an idea to get married to Rozaline Moyo in August 23,2002 and we are blessed with three children Symon junior,Modester and Happiness.We are happy family and we love this sacrament of marriage which God has blessed us with.

But I still struggle to get qualification,that’s why I have been in line with John Paul 11 Leadership and IT Institute through you as instrumental so that I may achieve what has to be achieved to fulfill the will of God.I know God has an aim for me.Through the sacraments will guide to accomplish what is meant for me.

Doclean Somers,be blessed with abundant gifts from God I wish to see you at JP2LITI next semester in January,2014,it is the time when I will be ready to start my course


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