Wa Symon

Father,mother,Queen,modester and Happiness in pictorial

Father Gwele and Mother Ng’oma Mtonga Mother Mtonga Mtonga are pillars of the family.We are from far and the time has come to realise our potential.

My focus towards the generation of us and the coming has been envisioned to me to take down on very essential things in Life to earn our living not lavishly on 17 May,2016.

These are some of facts which I have thought to look at it seriously

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

There is time for everything under         heaven……………………….

For this matter we have to engage ourselves in all social activities that will help us solve problems of our lives.

  • Symon Mtonga
  • Happy Mtonga
  • Nicholas Mtonga
  • Weedson Mtonga
  • Kefferson Mtonga

We have to do the following things to accumulate cash-flow which will entail us to lessen problems which  we may face.

  1. Funeral

  2. School fees problems when kids go for higher…

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