Agriculture Project

Malawi as one of sub-saharan countries in Africa which faces a lot of problems to earn their living efficiently. This is because people or political Leaders do not realize their potential to achieve what they are destined.

From my research there are a lot of NGOs in Malawi and they are playing major role in the economy of the country though we never progress on our own because we only get fish not fishnet to catch the fish. If these
NGOs may cease donating now,Malawians would suffer more than before.

Malawi has natural resources which may sustain their living through reduction of poverty and jobs creation like these.

    Exotic forest~from which we get planks that can be processed into different products on our own without exporting all raw materials
    Dambo land~it has fertile soil which does not need chemical fertilizer

After research I stumbled on I have decided to implement A project which will deal with varieties crops

    Irish potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes

And this project will deliver the service to orphans,Patients,Crippled and the aged.


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