The long waited journey for Symon Mtonga at JP II Leadership and IT Acadamy

As the semester began on 08 July,2014,has made me to be on cloud nine as one of the students at JP II Leadership and IT institute for Computer Science that’s Computing and Information Systems(CIS).

It is like a dream to me because I have faced many hindrance from great and small especially inmost family members.I write here not to denounce but to crystallize where things have gone wrong.

Praised to God who always guide me to keep focusing on what He has chosen me to do that I may fulfill upon His will.It was been seen as if He was delaying but It wasn’t like that for He knows when to give at scheduled.

May be the way I have gone through was to test so that I may grow strong in faith.I know that all what I have achieved rely not on my ability but by His grace.Thank you Lord your mercy is infinite.Let your will be done not mine.I am blind and deaf where I need your guidance on every step I take.I enlighten the way towards my destiny.







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