1 Cor 11:2 – hold fast to traditions I handed on to you
2 Thess 2:15 – hold fast to traditions, whether oral or by letter
2 Thess 3:6 – shun those acting not according to tradition J
Jn 21:25 – not everything Jesus said recorded in Scripture
Mk 13:31 – heaven & earth shall pass away, but my word won’t
Acts 20:35 – Paul records a saying of Jesus not found in gospels
2 Tim 1:13 – follow my sound words; guard the truth
2 Tim 2:2 – what you heard entrust to faithful men
2 Pet 1:20 – no prophecy is a matter of private interpretation
2 Peter 3:15-16 Paul’s letters can be difficult to grasp & interpret
1 Pet 1:25 – God’s eternal word=word preached to you
Rom 10:17 – faith comes from what is heard
1 Cor 15:1-2 – being saved if you hold fast to the word I preached
Mk 16:15 – go to whole world, proclaim gospel to every creature
Mt 23:2-3 – chair of Moses; observe whatever they tell you
St. Athanasius (360 AD): “let us note that the very tradition, teaching, and faith of the Catholic
Church from the beginning, which the Lord gave, was preached by the Apostles, and was
preserved by the Fathers. On this was the Church founded; and if anyone departs from this, he
neither is nor any longer ought to be called a Christian …. “Four Letters to Serapion of Thmius 1,
28. Origen (c. 230 AD) “The teaching of the Church has indeed been handed down through an
order of succession from the Apostles, and remains in the Churches even to the present time.
That alone is to be believed as the truth which is in no way at variance with ecclesiastical and
apostolic tradition.” Fundamental Doctrines 1, preface, 2.


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