Five most corrupt offices in Malawi

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Five Most Corrupt Offices in malawi (Forensic Report)
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When realities come facing you, you have two option that zoop your brain. one is to brand it as an elegation, another is to think it is just an illusion. these words keep you conforted for long but not long enough for your peace.

The former Budget Director came into the country with fame and pomp. he never lost his swag in his nicely trimmed beards. He easily mesmerized the Public Affairs commitee with his eloquency and perfection leaving them to think he is the most innocent of all those who were invloved in the popular cashgate scandal.

Fahad Assani-now Attorney general promised to track every coin that went into peoples pockets. his serios face gave people hope that the truth is not far. Seems his tracking machine has been attacked by viruses that every hting he is is Orange in color and every one he talks to is innocent and not a suspect anymore.

The gospelic and tamed spiritual Inspector General of police was the hope the the most spiritual people in the country. Everybody thought with him at the helm, arrests will be done with no segration, instead he seems to have swallowed his own vomit and nicely silenced.

So, Malawi is that cheap? the forensic report is out and seems malawians have been fed a raw deal. all these months, the auditors have been compiling facebook comments. all in this report is what we already know. I mean, who does not know where the money was stolen? who does not know the departments that were involved? every body knows who has made public money to be private. This blog will put straight what the audit report has failed to put straight thinking malawians do not reason,

1. Office of the President and cabinet.

This is to be called the Chief Executive officers office. I am not suprised that money was stolen from this office. It is said that the easiest Boss to still from is the ignorant one. Just under her nose people were syphoning money and getting rich while she was getting poorer.Am I right? no, I am not she was one of the beneficiaries..she will say without blinking her eye that she got reach years back but where was she all these yeas that she was not building all these houses for the poorer, she was not donating money as she does now. what is it in this office that people find fun? In the UK, no president receives any donation from anywhere without accounting for it. it is never donated to the president, but to the presidency because if she was not president she would not have gotten all that. sad one plot one resident misunderstood it and is shamelessly enjoying the wanton of extravagance.

The forensic report has been released at a good time. it is simply telling us that whoever in at plot one does not deserve to be there in the next few months because we will get the greatest shocker there after. I understand this is the phase one of the whole audit. I am made to think they will not release phase two because it will be a waste time of the plot one resident is still there.

2. Accounts General Office

if we were to pass a death sentence to this office, these people deserve to be killed by stoning. what is their termos of references? I am made to believe they were getting kickbanks on every signature put in. people of God, do we really just sign anything without raising questions? shame to this office that they allowed to be bought cheaply and be used in this massacre.

so, somehow the forensic report has found that whoever was leading this department deserves to be investigated, arrested and questioned.

3. The Reserve Bank of Malawi

in whatever state of mind they were operating own, but this was total madnes and I do not understand why they went to school and why they were employed at this place if they do not understand simple procedures. The forensic report is blantly telling us anyone leading this Bank is corrupt and is the top cashgate dog.

4. Public procurement Office

everybody is afraid to mention this office. this blog would like to bring to light that this office has been used a lot in financial massacre. they have the list of all the public suppliers which they are to find out the track record of all the service and goods suppliers to government. somebody bribed these people. I am not doubting this and the Director of Public procuremnt must answer to this. Mr. Dye Mawindo, are you there?

5. The Auditor Generals office

do we really have anybody at this place. do they know their job? are they qualified?

maybe Malawians should just accept that the Money disappeared bacause I do doubt if the sun will shine anytime soon.

I rest my case monga nyamata wochotsa fumbi kuno kumalawi.

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February 24, 2014 at 6:09 pm
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