Simon’s Maxims on Cathexis

Let us exercise our investment emotional significance in an activity to eradicate problems which have entangled in our area.I hope each one of us is aware of what slow down our momentum towards this development.
Comrades,sorry because my writings will be in ethical code which are illustrated down here

-FEAR this always conveys negative altitude which consequently inability to do or achieve something in life therefore be courageous friends
-DISCONTENT in life we will never be content with goods and services because once one need has been satisfied another need arises.In this case let us share what we have to our community members at home through the creation of the different community developments
-ECONOMY this states that we are using limited goods and services to satisfy unlimited needs therefore we need to figure out that wherever we are our needs will uncease but the goods and services which we enjoy will cease and ultimately will come back home our life will be unbearable to sustain therefore let us invest in human’s capital for betterment of people to reduce hunger and poverty alleviation as we are poverty stricken
-INJUSTICE is another circumstance which lingers in everyone’s thought that what if it happens in negative way.What we should know is everything has advantages and disadvantages but how do we draw our attention that something is good than other.This comes after our evaluations of goodness being more than the one we are comparing with.Our organization can only and only then be viable if we can distract our notions of not trusting our comrades.

My sincerely thanks to all of you are part and parcel of this organization through your verbal contributions you have made.Your resolution will anchor our org.Thanks Yona Gondwe,George Mhango and Isaac Kasonga for ably talk we had.James Jailos Kumwenda send me your number please.I suggest to meet either of the coming two Sundays at the park in Sandton.Let all of us be there on Sunday which will scheduled

Friends endorse your contact details in your comments
Cell Phone number
Email,skype ID,
Mine is Cell:+27839785289
Skype ID Symon.mtonga


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