A letter from MZM

Mzika Za M’dziko Movement (MZM)
This is unusual thing between parties, but we take an olive branch because on matters of national importance you have always called upon members of the opposition on your table to discuss and share some issues of national importance. We are a new party that has been established in the country.
We believe politics is not about positions and ruling, it is about the people and the country we live in. We do believe that each and every problem our country faces whether under your rule or anyone will always be the problem of the country and people. However today we are coming with concerns and grievances that our country face. We do not want to sound political but still in the 21st century we must agree that politics is not hatred nor name calling, bad mouthing and insulting one another, it is about policy and good governance.
When one is in the government in the developed and civilized democracies all the people must look upon that person to do his/her best to serve the country. Where there are problems under his/her rule it is the duty and responsibility of the other parties outside government or inside and outside parliament to help and support the incumbent government to do the right thing for the sake of the nation. This is what MZM believes in. We are an Open society party that is centred on the citizens of Malawi. We are always keen to listen to you in rallies and meetings, when you talk we see a leader that is for the people, we see a leader that is patriotic for the country and the citizens. We see a role model in the modern politics but what happens in side lines of your government worries us more compared to the role model we anticipate.
Eighteen months after you took power you have done a lot, everything that were wrong during the reign of the previous regimes have been rectified and corrected, so many things have drastically changed. People were about to start bestowing their trust on you as is an example with bigger parties in the country. The likes of John Tembo, former president Mr Bakili Muluzi and other influential individual politicians inside and outside Malawi have been impressed by your leadership style and model of ruling.
We are aware that most of the governments that have passed had good leaders and we know that bad stories came because of those who followed and surrounded the leaders.
In your government we have observed some of the people who are trying their best to wrongly appease you while destroying your legacy and model of leadership. We do not expect you to act as an angel for we know “to err is human” but as you always say 50 years of Independence Malawians are yet to see the change in their lives or taste the goodness of being in a sovereign country.
This lamentation gives us hope hearing it from you as the president, we are appealing to you as the president and all those that follow your party to exercise your mode of rule and take this country the way you want it to be.
In your party there are those people who have been in UDF, DPP and caused trouble in those parties, they joined you in PP with a different heart to do as they did in the previous governments, we are not trying add manifesto in your party but as opposition party we believe in being constructive by pointing at areas and issues that may involve and affect the nation and citizens. We are aware that any mistake that your government and party will make will negatively or positively affect the country where we all call home. This is why we are writing this letter to you as the president of Malawi and ruling party of the country.
The comments made by your new information minister towards the decision by the donors is worth deploring and miscalculated, when we are accusing or blaming you for the Cash gate scandal at Capital Hill you must know that this has happened in your government and under your leadership, whether this theft started in whose government but as far as the revelations are appearing under your government, we have no reason but to ask you to make sure that all those that have been involved in these scandals as far back as 1994 or 2004 be rooted out and bring all those involved to book.
We are proud of your prompt action for the dissolution of the cabinet and the hiring of the new team and dropped some who may have a hand in the criminal actions, but rumours gathering momentum are instigating and pointing at some of your close family members and most of your party echelons.
We are appealing to you to walk the talk that whoever is involved will be prosecuted as what you promised at Sanjika palace immediately after your arrival from the UN general assembly in New York.
There are rumours that some diehard politicians and your own children are involved, we would like this rumour to lie to rest by clearing to the Malawi nation if it is true that the people mentioned or rumoured are indeed involved or not so that the confidence in the eyes of the people can keep on flowing and that your targets may be met without let or hindrance.
We have heard your speech in Lilongwe area 25 where you clarified that 49 suspects have been apprehended and that you are doing every effort to make sure that the cash gate scandal is put to rest.
On the AID withdrawal by donors we urge you to keep your tight prudent physical discipline on finances so that the confidence from the donors is restored.
Your Excellency and your party have made tremendous achievements so far but you must just be curious and extra careful with people that are crossing the lines or jumping ship from one party to another, they might be coming into your party with destructive principles and vendettas. You have to be on the lookout, Malawi politics and politicians are not patriotic and there is too much personal hatred and anguish in their hearts.
Our party is a NEW DEAL political organization that must give credit where it is due, in this case you get our credit on the way you have taken your stance in remaking Malawi.
We plan to take over the country when our time comes when the country is well handled and properly run. We have no doubt in what you are doing that Malawi is in good hands, we believe that one’s best is one’s worst, you have distinguished yourself properly as is the case now. Corruption and theft by public servant must be rooted out from the state affairs so that the poverty our country is in can be eradicated.
There are plans for the Civil Society to hold vigils across the strategic points of the country’s powers in Parliament and at State Houses, we are urging you to call all the organizers and explain to them honestly your stance over their grievances and plans set on the table on how you plan to deal with the matters arising. In addition to that listen to their reasons for thinking of holding the vigils and disagree to agree.
In a democratic society people must learn to sit down and discuss their differences, there is no one who is doing what he/she is doing for the sake of individual benefit; we are all doing all that we do for Malawi as a nation.
Therefore a roundtable between you and the civil society is long overdue. We must always learn from the past mistakes where our citizens died because doors for negotiations were closed and blocked.
PP and your leadership is a people oriented party and we believe you are not going to behave like your predecessor DPP.
Malawi must devote the politics of nationalism because the problems of our country are national. Malawi problems are neither regional nor tribal. Malawi is facing national problems that needs all of us to tackle and solve.
You always speak with your heart; we expect to see you walking your talk so that confidence and trust grows.
What we are asking you to do while you are in the government is to make sure that all the money stolen by either UDF, DPP, or your own PP members must be returned to the state coffers so that as we come to take over from you in 2014, 2019 or 2024 no man or woman must be above the law.
Malawi has lived long to be living the past, we have to live the future and in the future we must learn to respect and solve problems as a nation.
This letter was compiled at the Headquarters of MZM party at M’nthunzi Village T/A Kuntaja in Blantyre by the MZM Secretariat by Citizen number 15,000,000.


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