Bulala Development Corner

Hallo, corner members. As some of you may be aware, I manage some small grants facility at the embassy of the United States. Mr Maupo and I have tried to kick start some few projects but I think we fell victim of policy shifts. However, In the year 2014, we will concentrate more on income generating projects. the only challenge is that the policy does not allow me to direct apply as am the one to review. I would like to ask members to think of a better income generating idea that could be implemented in all the villages around Kawiruwiru and then produce a proposal that we can fund. I would really love if one of the members can be a project Manager. In addition, the issue of water can be sorted is we network and sit down to write some good selling project proposals. hey with better skills, money will always be available. I need to hear your ideas on projects that can be supported. good nights(Frank Kasonga)

This issue is not being ignored. We need to sit down amongst ourselves (members) to discuss real problems affecting our people. This can direct our collective effort to streamlining doable projects. We need our people to own these projects for their cooperation and sustainability. Therefore, we need to ask their opinion on what they think is the major problems and direct us on what to do. Projects fail when you do not identify issues at stake and impose your ideas. We need, therefore, to put sense of maturity and patriotism in order not to be carried away and get derailed. Can I also make a plea? This forum is not a greeting platform. Can we concentrate on its core objective? Thank you. Have a blessed working day!(Phinias Katolola Katolola Mfune)

Well understood,hopefully today we will be updated the core objective of the group as I consulted Frank Kasonga to highlight issues that will be carried out in our forum.In nut shell let me take privilege to elaborate how our fellow Malawians from central and southern region have contributed to their areas which has brought NGOs to supply necessities which are helping them a lot to earn their living such as Malawiproject organization which helps in agriculture sector and plays vital role to fight against hunger and JP2LITA is also exercising effectively alleviating ignorance within community in their environment:Their deeds is contributing to GDP of Malawi
Despite all these we need to identify our problems outline them and do research in our area the SWOT.SWOT is very essential to look at because Frank Kasonga has clearly stated that it existed before(group) but they (Maupo Kumwenda and Frank Kasonga) were victim of the policy which would mean that they never had proper consultations in other areas due to means of communications or they never observe SWOT which attribute a lot to any organization which may be launched.Even what our comrade Maupo Kumwenda has articulated in his comment, people in our area like handouts and spend their day idling then they become addicted to alcohol and he has added that are indolent.
Therefore what strategic plan are we going to implement to desist indolence so that their potential should be realized by them that they are worthfull and poverty has been upon them not due to being cursed by anybody but through superstitious.
I also agree with you Phinias Katolora Katolora Mfune for piece of advice that this platform shouldn’t be a greeting one which may sway our focus,that’s true greetings becomes insignificant sometimes as I have already noticed.Let us make it decent one eg.if you need to greet comrades just start or end with it after you have put forward your motto for the group to discuss not just anyhow.
I apologize if I have attempted to break the terms and conditions which we are abound to abide by.I accept your criticism through e-mail Symon Mtonga mtongasimon@icloud.com


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