How God transform us

Soft and Sensitive

In the verse for today, God promises to replace hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. In other words, He can transform a hard-hearted person into a softhearted, sensitive person.

When we give our lives to God, He puts a sense of right and wrong deep within our conscience. But if we rebel against our conscience too many times, we can become hard-hearted. If that happens, we need to let God soften our hearts so that we can be spiritually sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

I was very hard-hearted before I began really fellowshipping with God. Being in His presence regularly softened my heart and made me much more sensitive to His voice. Without a heart sensitive to the touch of God, we will not recognize many of the times He is speaking to us. He speaks gently, in a still, small voice, or with gentle conviction about a matter.

A hard-hearted person is also in danger of hurting other people and not even being aware that they are doing so, and this grieves the heart of God. Those who are hard-hearted and busy “doing their own thing” will not be sensitive to God’s will or voice. God wants to soften our hearts with His Word, because a hardened heart cannot hear His voice or receive the other many blessings He longs to give.

God’s word for you today: Keep your heart soft and sensitive to God’s voice.

From the book Hearing from God Each Morning by Joyce Meyer. Copyright 2010 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.


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