Reply to Mrs President’s speech at convention for Peoples party

I don’t support that speech,it is immatured:the key rank for convention is presidential seat so if people withdrew their aspirations to participate in that particular position because they were verbally discouraged that the position won’t be roomed for contest because JB is a founder therefore should remain president of the PP.This has shown weakness and lack of charisma in JB’s leadership.she should have said I have raped Democracy:this engulfs practises of selfish and tyranny leadership as exercised by Dr. Kamuzu with his signature “The Life President”,by Dr. Bakili Mluzi putting himself on platform of “Achair” then copy and paste a parasite Bingu Wa Mntharika in there who later hacked him, download the various and delete his smile,by Prof. Ngwazi Chisulo cha njanje Mntharika who endorses his brother Peter Mntharika.Therefore she must stop lying to Malawian as concerned

Symon Mtonga
Wa Symon,
Plot ES/108D Luwinga
Cell:+27839785289/+265 8812 779


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