HE Joyce Banda’s administration is full of anxiety from the time she delivered “The state of nations address” on issue of repealing of laws such as ban the constitution of gay and prior to her message that Al Bahir should not be invited to attend the AU summit in Malawi.I have been so touched by her messages as it embraces draconian which depicts that she won’t reign Malawi for the first term either though internationally observed as an icon to upright Malawi from economical turmoil she has faced.

In real sense JB should remember that we can adapt to any situation which jerks at us, but we have an inborn of African culture despite any hazardous conditons which can affect us to the influence she is taking us to.

Being always an indian file and saying “YES BWANA” to influential states will lead us to the pit in which there will full of blood.In history I have never seen a note that Malawi has been involved in war besides First,Second World War and when Malawi was fighting for independence from Federation of Rhondesia and Nyasaland.
We are in a situation where sooner or later there will be pouring of blood for the sake of money:it’s better to die poor than hooking up to miscellaneous problems.An attempt to arrest a President ecompases more scenery such as people being beaten,ambush,and assassinations.

Propagandas were speculated that Dr.Hastings Kamuzu Banda put to silence many figures in his era but nothing were brought to justice as a member of UN and ICC.
Malawi resued itself through patriotic Veteran Chakufwa Chihana who toppled Kamuzu’s administration through referendum.
Never seen any country had raised issues against him(Kamuzu) but how JB does that to other country,does she thinks as prominent figure that world can listen and follow.We had Bingu,Levy Mwanawasa never talked about this.
ICC has all power of arresting him the onus rest with them.
Biblically Adam sinned because of Eva so don’t make us sin because of you as your are in power.


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