Facebook newsfeed post by: Mzondi Lungu

Mzondi Lungu wrote:

A great teacher of journalism Mr Tito Banda taught our class that one principle of journalism is , ” never get over zealous and always guard yourselves against malice , make sure you do all you can to establish your facts before reporting .”

The problem with MBCTV workers is they got over zealous . They lose professional principles of fair journalism and become barking dogs , bwe bwe bwe ! To please politicians. People get no longer interested in what they report because they lie too much . This must change .

The cheap lies and castigations became worse when Bright Malopa took over , a man who had never been a reporter , he turned himself into a certain untouchable, he spoke dictionary-searched words and he became a semi god of MBCTV . He even went to organize programs aiming to lambast and scorn Mrs Joyce Banda . That was too far bad and very unprofessional . Charo nimazgora ! Now he wished he behaved soberly .

Lesson : when you are given a chance don’t think others will never have one . You just have to be sensible and dont lose your head for when things turn upside down you will need the same people you think are useless .


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